Bamberg is the business centre of Upper Franconia. The main branches of the local economy are the automotive supply and electrical engineering industries. The city is also home to a university and is famous for the largest, preserved historic city centre in Germany. In 1993, the city centre was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Another interesting fact is Bamberg’s unique beer making tradition that is well-known far beyond the city walls.
Rödl & Partner is present in Bamberg with an own office. The team of technology experts writes software applications used mainly in the widespread .NET-Framework, thus conjuring up IT solutions that greatly facilitate the work in many companies.


Rödl Dynamics GmbH

Branch office:
Laubanger 23
96052 Bamberg

+49 731 1593 7400
+49 731 1593 7409


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Uwe Heinz

Associate Partner

+49 731 725573 36

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