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Münster is known as the “city of services” of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city's history of over 1200 years has shaped its identity up to this day: it is a bishop’s see and lures visitors with its historical old town. Münster is also a university town. Rödl & Partner's office is located in the port of Münster. We assist our clients in all matters related to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants, some who participated in the software development process during its first stages, translates into a clear advantage for our clients. 


Rödl Dynamics GmbH

Branch office:
Hafenweg 18
48155 Muenster

+49 731 7255 7302
+49 731 7255 7399


Contact Person Picture

Andreas Palsbröker

Managing Director Rödl Dynamics GmbH

+49 731 725573 02

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