In spite of the global economic turmoil caused by the latest international financial crisis, economic indicators of the State of Kuwait have remained stable. Particularly the local branches of the petroleum, petrochemical and construction industries are and will remain economic growth drivers as they are supported by comprehensive government projects aimed at enhancing the general infrastructure.

The small Gulf state, whose industrial production is rather limited outside the oil and gas sector, is striving to become one of the regional logistics and financial services hubs in the years to come, an ambitious plan to be put into action also with the help of foreign investors.

Kuwait's high demand for technological know-how, products and services are mirrored by the statistics for Germany's exports: last year alone, Germany's exports to Kuwait grew by 10%, with a further increase to be expected.

Our local and international expertise in the areas of legal and tax consulting, audit and accounting enables us to offer our clients comprehensive professional services from a single source – be it market entry in the region or the expansion of a business model.

Our clients’ engagements in Kuwait are managed from our office in Dubai, UAE. 



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Nicola Lohrey

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Derya Bandak


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