Nicola Lohrey

Managing Partner
Attorney at Law (Germany), Avocat à la Cour 
+33 1 5692 3125
+33 1 5692 3129

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Nicola Lohrey has many years of experience in supporting German and French companies in their expansion at home and abroad. She specialises in matters relating to German-French corporate and commercial law, particularly in the context of restructuring projects, advising and assisting clients in negotiations and complex international projects and the acquisition of investors from the German-speaking area in France.
She studied law and completed her legal clerkship in Osnabrück, Paris and Geneva. Ms. Lohrey began her professional career with a leading Anglo-Saxon professional services firm, where she was responsible for the development of German-French legal advisory. In 2010 she additionally took over the management of all services of this firm for France, Luxembourg and the Maghreb countries for companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Ms. Lohrey is a member of the Legal Committee of the Franco-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Paris. She publishes and conducts studies on the Franco-German economy and participates actively in discussions on business law topics.

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