Payment transactions

  • inspection of and release for payment of invoices, commissions, reimbursement of overpayments
  • regular account monitoring
  • supervision of outstanding receivables and liabilities
  • continuous monitoring of existing accounts


Entry and exit of investors

  • inspection of subscription forms
  • identity verification of investors in accordance with the money-laundering act
  • monitoring of incoming payments made
  • inspection to ensure compliance with the withdrawal period


Asset register and ownership verification

  • maintenance of an asset register of the assets of alternative investment funds
  • supervision of the ownership rights of alternative investment funds
  • supervision of possible third party rights to assets
  • inspection of register entries


Net Asset Value (NAV) and determination of investment value

  • audit of the annual financial statement
  • audit of the suitability of the expert used or the valuation process
  • portfolio adjustment of assets and account balances
  • ensuring that the value determination is made according to the German capital investment code and the investment requirements


Taking up of loans

  • ensuring that the taking up of credit is made according to the German capital investment code and the investment requirements
  • ensuring that the credit offered corresponds to market conditions


Acquisition and disposal of assets

  • conformity audit for investment conditions
  • checking of the purchase or sales contract
  • checking of purchase or sales price using an assessment of the current market value of the investment
  • checking of the payment of the purchase price
  • ensuring that ownership is transferred


Appropriation of income / distribution

  • checking of the amount paid out according to the articles of association/prospectus
  • checking of the total amount paid out 
  • re-balancing of bank accounts


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