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Continuing education: the Rödl & Partner campus


A person who wants to advise clients needs to have, apart from the excellent professional skills, a number of methodological, social and personal skills. The most important learning module to develop such skills is the „Training on the Job“. Colleagues and superiors actively ensure that you profit from the treasure trove of experience in your team and are able to act on your own responsibility as soon as possible.


This learning experience can be complemented with relevant training sessions offered by the Rödl & Partner campus.


The basic principles of our continuing education concept are the flexible course offering aimed at meeting the needs of course participants and the use of our internal know-know while taking into account the different disciplines at Rödl & Partner. The campus course programme is tailored to different professional groups or to the experience level of participants. Whether you work for us as an attorney, trainee, management consultant or assistant auditor: we offer subject-specific courses to each group, which can be combined into one curriculum if necessary.


In particular, we attach great importance to continuous personal development as an essential building block for long-term success. Therefore, our campus provides the necessary methodological tools – from the art of presentation and communication through to project management and leadership seminars. During these seminars you will work intensively on case studies linked to your daily work and exchange views and knowledge with your colleagues so as to put theory into practice.


The campus is active worldwide. Our online training programme draws the attention of our colleagues from the whole world to the needs and concerns of our clients by dealing with the fundamentals of finance and company law in the context of German companies.


The major part of our professional training sessions is organised and conducted by colleagues in order to enable the internal transfer of knowledge and in order to promote networking among colleagues. You are thus offered the opportunity to become actively involved as a speaker or lecturer and build up both your internal network and your reputation right from the start.


From colleagues for colleagues

Christian Landgraf
Auditor (Germany), Partner in the International Accounting Team, Rödl & Partner Nuremberg

„My experience as a speaker to in-house audiences: It is a pleasure for me to pass on my experience to young colleagues. Colleagues learn from colleagues. This leads to a perfect combination of theory and practice. Our colleagues worldwide are highly motivated and able to use the knowledge they gained directly 'on the job'."


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Anke Führlein

Head of Training & Development

+49 911 9193 3022
+49 911 9193 9022

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