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An interpersonal relationship: the human factor model

The human factor model is the cornerstone and the everyday reference point of our corporate culture.

Focus on people:

We accept people for who they are – as beings with individual personalities, with individual strengths and at individual stages of life.  This is the reason why our career models are flexible and our communication channels open.

Focus on the employee:

Rödl & Partner is a know-how driven company, i.e. the professional and personal skills of our employees are the key factor that determines the success of our company. For us, the focus on the employee means that we create a work environment in which achieving great results is enjoyable because you are both kept challenged and supported. This includes support for individual career paths, customised continuing education opportunities and freedom to develop your potential.

Focus on the client:

As the addressee of our services, the client is the one to judge the quality of our offer and decide on its price-worthiness. Our goal and challenge is to always keep the client in focus, which involves a great number of details in practice. This means that we have to be accessible, easily understandable, willing to take responsibility and able to be on the ball and think along with our clients. We want our clients to rave about us!
Dr. Anne Mushardt
Attorney at Law (Germany), Associate, Rödl & Partner Nuremberg
„I have already completed my practical training at Rödl & Partner and after completion I was engaged directly as an Attorney at Law. From the very first day, I felt well taken care of because my colleagues introduced me well to my new duties. Right from the beginning I could listen to telephone conversations with clients and handle preparatory tasks which were later collectively examined and discussed. With every task, I received a practical example to use for guidance. Thus, I was introduced step by step into how to independently fulfil tasks under given assignments. I like the fact that I am challenged every day to advance my skills without having to forego the support from my colleagues."
Therese Baginski
Auditor (Poland), Partner, Rödl & Partner Poland

„Think of your work as your passion and try to assist your clients in a manner you would like to be assisted yourself."


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