We offer a Cybersecurity Rating under special conditions during this time of extraordinary strain


last updated on 6 April 2020 | reading time approx. 1 minute


​Covid-19 puts a strain on everyone: every core and support process is under pressure. All employees are constantly facing a major challenge. In such an exceptional situation, no further difficulties should arise. Our current concern is that cybercriminals will exploit this particular stress situation for their own benefit. For this reason, we want to help our clients with our cybersecurity rating instrument so that they can recognise the effectiveness of their own security measures in order to improve them in a focused, fast and cost-effective manner.

A cybersecurity rating is used to assess whether a company has established security measures and whether they are in line with best practice. It also identifies whether end points are already compromised and act as SPAM or malware servers, for example. From this information, extremely useful action needs are derived. A cybersecurity rating is not a penetration test, but it does include usual best-practice analyses, which are also used in such tests. The rating obtains the information necessary for the assessment from publicly available sources or from the communication behaviour of a company's systems, especially when they interact with the company's own publicly accessible servers.


As a rating does not require access to the actual IT, the rating can be applied not only to your own company, but also to major IT service providers that make a significant contribution to the stability of your own company.


The dimensions of the rating include:

  • Use of best practice security measures (ports, encryption, certificates, patch levels, etc.);
  • Presence of compromised end points and servers (botnets, SPAM distribution, etc.);
  • Use of potentially harmful file exchange platforms (file sharing networks, etc.).


From this rating, valuable information can be derived about the resilience of the own security eco-system (i.e. the own IT, the IT of subsidiaries, of service providers and data centres, etc.) against various attack scenarios. As a result, targeted measures can be defined in order to provide binding answers to questions essential to information security, such as: Is the virus protection effective? Are the defensive measures of the firewall “in place”? Are protective measures to defend against unfair websites, e-mail inboxes etc. functional? And that worldwide.


We also contribute to the security of our clients. Therefore, we provide the instrument of cybersecurity rating at special conditions until the end of 2020.


Please send us an e-mail with the keyword „Cybersecurity Rating 2020”. We will contact you immediately.



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