5th package of anti-corona measures in Slovenia: labour market and health sector


published on 30 Ocotber 2020 | reading time approx. 2 minutes


The measures mainly concern the protection and conservation of jobs, and some extend to the field of health and social assistance. Among other things, the law for the benefit of employees stipulates that the employer's payments for employee testing for COVID-19, to which they are mentioned by the employer, are exempt from solvency tax.




Extended wait for work, help for self-employed

In order to preserve jobs and help PKP5 employers, the Government envisages an extension of the measure of waiting for work at home up until the end of 2020 for all sectors, the condition being a decline in revenue of at least 30 per cent relative to 2019.
Starting on 1 September 2020, the act provides the possibility of claiming 80 per cent compensation in the case of absence from work to care for a child due to circumstances beyond one’s control, i.e. if they were ordered to quarantine. For employees there is an extension of the measure of 100 per cent wage compensation in the event of quarantine being ordered due to contact with an infected person at the workplace.
Self-employed persons will be entitled to reimbursement compensation of 250 Euro if they have been ordered to quarantine. The measure will apply from 1 October 2020. For self-employed persons and micro-companies there is a renewed imposition of temporary measures in the form of a monthly basic income in the amount of 700 Euro and reimbursement of contributions in the amount of 400 Euro monthly.

Supplements for staff in social protection and healthcare institutions

The proposed act also introduces the possibility of temporary deployment of employees in social protection and healthcare institutions to old people’s homes.
For employees who work directly with infected people in grey and red zones within social protection institutions, there is a proposed supplement in the amount of 30 per cent of the hourly rate of basic pay for the employee. Equally, supplements are also envisaged for healthcare workers who work with Covid patients.
In order to ensure the financial sustainability of old people’s homes, the Government proposes the introduction of measures to finance protective equipment to contain the spread of Covid-19, and covering the costs of loss of revenue due to unoccupied capacities, since homes with confirmed cases of the virus cannot accept new residents.
As for measures in the healthcare sector, there will be the possibility of taking absences from work of up to three working days due to illness, without a note from one’s personal physician. The procedure for issuing quarantine decisions has also been simplified.
Also, all those involved in health insurance are offered the option of free vaccination against seasonal flu, and all employees will be able to take three days of medical leave without a personal doctor's certificate until the end of the year.

Financing PPE for educational institutions

In the education sector, financing is being provided for personal protective equipment and for means of disinfecting spaces, along with exemption from payment for nursery school in the event of a child being ordered to quarantine. The option of performing educational work remotely is also arranged.

Expense reimbursement for occasional transport providers

In order to help those providing occasional transport and urban transport, the Government proposal ensures compensation for expenses they incurred between 16 March and 11 May 2020 (under the declared epidemic), when they could not provide transport. There is also a proposal for drivers to be compensated for the cost of protective equipment and of means for disinfecting vehicles.

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