Children's Aid: Fight against children's cancer by recycling plastic bottle caps


published on 18 November 2022 | Reading time approx. 1 minute

Rödl & Partner Mexico provides containers in its three offices (Puebla, Mexico City and Querétaro) to collect and recycle plastic bottle caps. This is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but primarily another charitable social purpose.

We have decided once again to support the most vulnerable children, children who have been diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis of cancer drastically changes the life of the entire family. A long and intense period of therapies, patient, hope and fear begins.
Banco de Tapitas, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, provides these necessary resources for the treatment of patients up to the age of 21 in all parts of the country. This aid ranges from the provision of food, medicines, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, oncological wigs, to assistance with transportation, lodging and meals. For this purpose, they collect and recycle all types of plastic bottle caps. The plastic bottle caps are used to make toys that are sold, and the profits are used to provide this support. All support programs are free of charge for the young patients. Throughout its history, Banco de Tapitas has been able to support more than 1,000 patients directly and slightly more than 2,200 indirectly through its partner organizations, receiving recognition from the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Caps are a significant part of plastic waste and recycling programs are not as widespread in Mexico as they are in Germany. All employees are encouraged to also collect caps at home and throw them into the containers in the office, because by recycling we all want to contribute to the sustainability of the environment at the same time.


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