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As proven experts in their respective subject areas, our colleagues are also authors and publishers of articles and course textbooks. The following is a selection of articles about ongoing topics from our service lines. Get com­pre­hen­sive information from experienced professionals and gain a deeper insight into various interdisciplinary topics, with focus on globally active family businesses.

 International Turnkey Contracting in ASEAN

16 March 2022 | Special with 6 Articles


The number of turnkey or „engineering, procurement and construction”-projects (short: EPC-projects) in Southeast Asia has strongly increased over the past two decades. That is not least due to the increasing liberalisation of various economic sectors. In international business, EPC-projects are commonly understood as the construction of complete, operational plants. The majority of these EPC-projects are carried out in the field of industrial equipment manufacturing and construction and require very specific expertise in order to successfully assemble and commission the often highly complex plants.


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 M&A Dialogue

April 2022 | Newsletter

Read in this issue:

- Real Estate Transfer Tax in Restructuring Transactions and Company Acquisitions (Part 2)
- The M&A market hit a record in 2021 and is likely to remain on this level


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 Data Protection Bites

March 2022 | Newsletter

The latest edition of our international newsletter is online, which aims at collecting all updates, news and insights on data protection issues, with particular attention to the GDPR. 

 Newsflash ASEAN

Q1 2022 | Newsletter

The Newsflash ASEAN provides latest news on law, tax and business in ASEAN. This issue with news from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, is still dominated by news about turmoil resulting from the global pandemic situation. 

 Investing in Germany: Sought-after seal of quality

22 February 2022 | Special with 27 ARTICLES

Investments in Germany are still extremely popular among foreign investors. But what should be taken into account? Our „Themenspecial” addresses issues related to investing in Germany and offers answers to basic questions. Due to its high attractiveness, a wide variety of investors such as corporations or financial investors are in the market for German companies and are looking for suitable takeover targets. More »

 RE|nEws: Renewable Energy

February 2022 | Newsletter

The newsletter RE|nEws informs you about worldwide ongoing development in the sector of renewable energy.

 Coronavirus: What you need to know

Ongoing Article series

In our article series about the coronavirus (Covid-19) we keep you informed about global developments in our service lines and provide reliable orientation that is useful for your business.

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