As proven experts in their respective subject areas, our colleagues are also authors and publishers of articles and course textbooks. The following is a selection of articles about ongoing topics from our service lines. Get com­pre­hen­sive information from experienced professionals and gain a deeper insight into various interdisciplinary topics, with focus on globally active family businesses.

 Coronavirus: What you need to know


All Current information

In our article series about the coronavirus (Covid-19) we keep you informed about global developments in our service lines. We provide reliable orientation that is useful for your business.

 M&A Dialogue

November 2020 | Newsletter

Read in this issue:

- Takeover of listed companies

- Cross-border sale of real estate companies

- The earn-out arrangement – an aid for uncertain times


 Inbound – Investment Guide Germany

16 november 2020 | investment guides

In order to enable a better classification of the various topics from law, tax, auditing and BPO in the relevant foreign markets, we continuously prepare investment guides for all countries that are already of significant importance for our clients or will become so in the future.  

 Life Sciences

11 november 2020 | article series

The diverse business oppor­tu­ni­ties in the Life Science Industry face great challenges. We provide an over­view of the most important areas of law, starting with Pharmaceutical and Food Law, Cosmetics and Consumer Goods Law as well as Chemicals Legislation and Waste and Packaging Law. 

 NordBalt Briefing

November 2020 | newsletter


With this first issue, the NordBalt Briefing gives a 360⁰ look around the Baltic Sea with comprehensive information and professional insights for business in the Nordic Baltic region.

 Transfer Pricing Documentation: Efficiency and Transparency through Digitalisation

13 October 2020 | article

The BEPS Action Plan of the OECD focuses on transfer pricing as a tax structuring tool. However, the new requirements offer an opportunity to redesign the process of creating transfer pricing documents and to combine it with the extensive possibilities of digitalisation.  

 E-book: Data protection and Covid-19

21 September 2020 | E-Book

This e-book aims at covering all the salient aspects that have characterised the Covid-19 period, considering the data protection situation in 13 countries. We provide you with an overview on the main measures and changes.

 Internationalisation: 49 countries, 49 interviews

 Worldwide Insights

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