As proven experts in their respective subject areas, our colleagues are also authors and publishers of articles and course textbooks. The following is a selection of articles about ongoing topics from our service lines. Get com­pre­hen­sive information from experienced professionals and gain a deeper insight into various interdisciplinary topics, with focus on globally active family businesses.

 Coronavirus: What you need to know


All Current information

In our article series about the coronavirus (Covid-19) we keep you informed about global developments in our service lines. We provide reliable orientation that is useful for your business.

 E-book: Data protection and Covid-19

21 September 2020 | E-Book

This e-book aims at covering all the salient aspects that have characterised the Covid-19 period, considering the data protection situation in 13 countries. We provide you with an overview on the main measures and changes.

 Newsflash ASEAN

Q3 2020 | Newsletter

The Newsflash ASEAN provides latest news on law, tax and business in ASEAN. This issue with news from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, is still dominated by news about turmoil resulting from the global pandemic situation. 

 China's Civil Code

Updated on 16 september | Article series


On 28 May 2020, the National People's Congress of China adopted the new Civil Code (CC), which will enter into force on 1 January 2021. With the adoption of the CC, a new era in China with regard to civil law begins.

 M&A Dialogue

August 2020 | Newsletter

Read in this issue:

- Bond restructuring during the crisis

- Violation of holding periods.Things to do when acquiring a company

- USA: Share deal vs. Asset deal. Transaction Structuring

- M&A Vocabulary – Explained by the experts: Cash Conversion Cycle 


 Digitalisation to support accounting processes: It is high time to use the advantages

31 July 2020 | Article


Digital invoices in PDF, XML or other electronic formats are becoming a regular feature of electronic communication in accounts payable accounting. In many countries, they are even becoming a legal requirement for communicating with state-owned companies. 

 Value Added Tax: Significant changes in Germany as measures in the corona crisis

30 June 2020 | article

On May 28, 2020, the German government passed the coalition's draft law on the implementation of tax relief measures to handle the corona crisis (the so-called "Corona-Steuerhilfegesetz"), which also includes changes in the Value Added Taxation, in this case a VAT rate reduction for the supply of food in place (restaurant services) for a limited period of one year.  

 Internationalisation: 49 countries, 49 interviews

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