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Digitalisation in Asia: Exploring potential


published on July 25, 2018 


Digitalisation is not at all a German phenomenon – it is a global transformation process which is about to revolutionize economies and societies alike. Digitalisation represents the next step on our way to a profound economic evolution. While yesterday's world of manufacturing was dominated by steam engines and assembly lines, today's economic scenario is characterized by global networks of automated value and supply chains.



On one hand, this massive change of our traditional working environment does cause a certain discomfort; on the other hand though, these revolutionary changes offer unique opportunities to create and promote groundbreaking innovations. Developing and exploiting new markets is one of the major driving forces for today's worldwide economic growth.


Traditional sectors like e.g. the textile industry feel compelled to reinvent themselves and to search for new fields of action, digital sectors constantly evolve – and both closely depend on each other to prosper. Big data, cloud services, block chain etc. are today's economic key words. No turnaround to be expected any time soon.


Asia has its own way in playing an important role in promoting digitalisation, which often tends to be underestimated. Get yourself first-hand information about digitalisation in Thailand, learn more about the (digital) society in China and about the new chances arising in Vietnam. Our experts in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam provide you with inside views about the current opportunities to have your business successfully participate and operate on the spot. 



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