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Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid: Donations in kind for orphans in Puebla


published on 26 March 2021 | readime time: approx. 2 minutes


The colleagues in Puebla (Mexico) are very happy and proud to hand over the donations of the Rödl Employee Fund for  Children's Aid to the institution “Casa Hogar Santa Rosa de Viterbo, A.C.” in Puebla in mid-March.





Casa Hogar Santa Rosa de Viterbo, A.C. is a social institution for girls aged 6 to 15. They have often been victims of physical, psychological, emotional or sexual violence. Many no longer have parents or only have a sibling or distant family member. The facility offers them a place to live, schooling, a balanced diet, emotional support, appreciation and preparation for their own path, also professionally.


On 18 March 2021, Roberto González and Angela Reyes handed over numerous donations in kind. At the request and advice of the religious sisters, the local colleagues had procured many different items of daily use, including food, clothing, hygiene articles, bed linen, stationery, books, headphones, backpacks, shoes, chairs and hand and bath towels. All items were urgently needed, because unfortunately, especially during the Corona period, donations also decrease and the need of the home increases. When selecting the non-fiction books, we gave a lot of thought to the contents that are important for the residents on their further path in life, e.g. “Learn to forgive”, “Learn to be patient”, “Learn to plan your time”, “Your three strengths”, “Become a woman”, “Learn to be punctual”.


Most of the goods had been delivered to the home in advance and lovingly presented by the residents for handover. The girls had proudly put on their new clothes and shoes, made their beds with the new bed linen and lovingly thanked them with their best behaviour. The happy and grateful girls had rehearsed a dance to the song “Jerusalema”. An elderly resident of the home explained beforehand in a short speech that the song is of great importance to all of them, because the song lyrics are about a place of longing and hope. The latter is important for each of them, she said, because they often look despondently into the future. The girl went on to express her heartfelt thanks on behalf of all for the great things and the feeling that with the Rödl Employee Fund for Children's Aid there is someone in faraway Germany who thinks of the girls and shows them appreciation.


Roberto González spoke to the residents of the home about courage and hope. He encouraged them to learn professions that they enjoy and thus to shape their own lives. The emotional reactions of the girls showed that the visit and the donations were much more than purely material help. Rather, the girls regained courage, optimism and were happy that there is a “Caring partner” out there for them.

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