Project report May 2023: Schoolyard beautification of Johann Joseph Gronewald School in Cologne


published on 2 June 2023 

by Christina Hundertmark 

The children of the Gronewald School in Cologne beautified the walls of the school­yard according to the motto: "Our schoolyard is getting colourful!". We, the Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid, have already supported the support organization of the Gronewald School in Cologne with digital equipment for children and young people with hearing impairments in February 2021. Last year, the chairperson of the support organization contacted us and asked if we could support another project.  

The planned project would involve eight to eleven-year-old children working with an artist to beautify a school­yard wall with an artwork measuring around 50 square metres. A great idea that we were happy to support. In May 2023, I was able to see in person how the children, together with the artist, are colourfully designing the schoolyard and contributing to making their school more beautiful and colourful.

The children were excited about decorating the walls with spray paint, and the fact that their names also found their place made it a very personal work in which the children participated with enthusiasm. Together with the artist and the teachers who guided the children with great commitment they created a colourful, great graffiti artwork. And everyone was visibly proud! This gave the children the opportunity to design a part of their environ­ment in a self-determined way. 

The project was professionally guided by graffiti artist and art teacher Wolfgang Sturm who can look back on 25 years of experience. Mr. Sturm was able to awaken the enthusiasm of the pupils through close exchange and intensive cooperation and to successfully implement this project. It was great to see how concentrated and joyful the kids at work were. Mr. Sturm did a very good job of getting the children involved and they were all committed. The artist also experienced it as a creative time. 

Since the children’s hearing is sometimes severely impaired, it makes a lot of sense to promote the other senses in particular. During the Corona period, it was often not possible to maintain contacts for a long time. Through such joint projects, social skills can be promoted in children and young people. It also helped the participants to get acquainted with crafting skills as non-verbal means of expression. 

The result is something to be proud of!


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