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Although COVID-19 workplace measures have been tremendously eased, and employees are allowed to return to work, on 22 April 2022, the tripartite partners* have called for employers in Singapore to continue to offer Flexible Work Arrangements (“FWAs”) to employees, and to promote FWAs as a permanent feature of the workplace. 
FWAs include flexi-time, flexi-workload, and flexi-location. 


Examples of Flexi-time arrangements include 
  1. compressed work schedule (e.g. 40 hours within a 4 day work-week), 
  2. creative scheduling, 
  3. employee choice of days off, 
  4. flexi-hours, 
  5. flexi-shift, 
  6. shift-swapping, 
  7. staggered time, and 
  8. time bank. 


Examples of Flexi-workload arrangements include 
  1. interim work, 
  2. job sharing, 
  3. part-time work, 
  4. phasing in or out, 
  5. phased retirement, 
  6. project-based work, 
  7. retirees cover for workers on leave, 
  8. seasonal work, and 
  9. weekend work. 


Flexi-location refers to telecommuting – a flexi-place arrangement where the job is performed at a location other than the workplace** using information and communication technologies to connect teams virtually and enable employees to respond to clients remotely.
** The employee's home, smart work centers, satellite offices, client's office, and cafes.
All public agencies in Singapore have already adopted the Tripartite Standard on FWAs. 
A set of tripartite guidelines on FWAs is expected to be ready by 2024. By then, employers will be required to consider staff requests for FWAs fairly and properly. 
Employers will need to have a Flexible Work Arrangements Policy in place to ensure that employees are aware of the types of FWAs available in the organization and understand the roles and responsibilities involved in the application and approval process. 
*The Ministry of Manpower, the National Trades Union Congress, and the Singapore National Employers Federation. 

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