White Paper on Singapore Women´s Development

On 5 April 2022, the Singapore Parliament endorsed the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development. The White Paper is the product of the first whole-of society review of Singapore Women’s Development. 
It sets out 25 collective action plans in 5 key areas: 
  1. equal opportunities in the workplace, 
  2. recognition and support for caregivers, 
  3. protection against violence and harm, 
  4. other support measures for women, and 
  5. mindset shifts. 
The action plans relating to equal opportunities in the workplace include: 
  1. the introduction of a new workplace fairness legislation; 
  2. the entrenchment of flexible work arrangements as a workplace norm; 
  3. the development of career mentorship, networking opportunities and training programs for women at work and re-entering the workforce; 
  4. the support for a greater utilization of parental leave entitlements;
  5. the revised Singapore Exchange Listing Rules and Practice Guidance to the Code of Corpo-rate Governance to support greater board di-versity including gender diversity; and
  6. the increase of women’s representation on boards with efforts led by the Council for Board Diversity.  

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