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published on 24. November 2022

Transfer pricing reporting – FAQs

The Ministry of Finance published 3rd edition of "Transfer pricing reporting – FAQs" at the end of October 2022. This is the third edition of FAQs. The updated edition deals with transfer pricing information returns to be filed using templates for a tax year beginning after 31 December 2020. More »


Polish President signs Electricity Price Freeze Act

The Polish President signed into law a bill on emergency measures to cap electricity prices and support certain consumers in 2023. Find out the objectives of the statute. Who will be required to pay contributions to the Price Difference Payment Fund? More »

A reward system to encourage employees to make reports under the internal whistleblowing procedure

The legislator continues its efforts to adopt the Whistleblower Protection Bill, currently in its fourth version. Each subsequent version of the bill comes with new regulations. One of them seeks to introduce a reward system to encourage employees to report wrongdoing within their companies. A reward system – what is it? More »

Inheritance and gift tax: new tax-free amounts and rates

The Regulation of the Minister of Finance amending the inheritance and gift tax-free amounts and rates became law on 13 October 2022. The Sejm is already working on further amendments to the inheritance and gift tax legislation to increase tax-free amounts. The changes are to apply from 1 January 2023. Get to know new tax-free amounts. More »


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