Short interview with Anton Berger on the renewable energy exchange platform RENEREX


1. Where did the idea of Renerex come from?

For over 10 years Rödl & Partner has assisted investors and project developers in renewable energy at home and abroad. Therefore, we regularly receive enquiries from project developers who search for investors to finance their projects, and enquiries from investors looking for projects. Moreover, the competition for attractive investment opportunities on the German renewable energy market is continuously increasing, and the significance of renewable energies in developing and emerging countries is growing. Therefore, we developed Renerex, a matching platform, an international and cross-technology online marketplace for RE projects, which we provide for free to investors and project developers all over the world.


2. What added value does Renerex bring?

When we developed the platform, we put special emphasis on the confidential data exchange feature. Each and every investor and project developer undergoes a short plausibility check  to prevent the placing of non-serious offers.  In addition, the investor's identity is revealed to the project developer only after the investor requests detailed information about a given project. This way investors can avoid undesirable enquiries. Project developers also benefit from the fact that, on the one hand, they may easily submit detailed information  through RENEREX, but on the other hand, they retain full control as to with whom they share this information and how detailed it is.


As a special highlight, RENEREX also automatically displays links to information about country- and technology-specific funding programmes. Our specialists regularly update the  database, so the information is always up-to-date.


RENEREX opens up additional investment opportunities, creates new financing alternatives for project developers, informs users about funding programs and offers access to Rödl & Partner's broad portfolio of consulting services. Thus, through the central online platform RENEREX we are able to quickly and in a targeted manner find for you the right advisor from our international renewable energy expert group, whenever you need one.


3. If I register, do I commit myself to anything?

Obviously: no! You commit yourself neither by registering as investor or project developer nor by creating projects in the system or requesting more detailed information about projects. RENEREX is a completely free of charge platform by Rödl & Partner.


If you wish, we will be happy to assist you with our consulting services for your planned project transaction.


4. How is data security handled?

The RENEREX online platform  is hosted and maintained in Germany and is, therefore, subject to European data security law, directives and standards. It is additionally secured by SSL. Of course, we use the data only for the registration process. The data is neither transferred nor used by third parties, whatsoever.


5. How is the platform currently fairing and how do you see the future of RENEREX?

We are happy that 34 project developers and 27 investors are actively using RENEREX. RENEREX is still a very young product. The first big campaigns have been launched only recently. Additionally, we have developed an information flyer in three language versions (German, English and Spanish) and a product information video. We assume that the number of users and, especially, of projects on the platform will grow rapidly. Thus, we encourage you to regularly visit the website.



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