Green Hydrogen in Brazil: Government announces increase in R&D investment


​published on 20th May 2021


As part of long-term government’s view, companies in the energy sector necessary have to invest in R&D. On March 9th, the President Jair Bolsonaro approved a resolution with the guidelines for such investments. It privileges resources for studies in several areas of energy, such as green hydrogen, biofuels, nuclear energy, and also, for the development of digital transformation technologies.

The „Hot Topic” in Europe, green hydrogen is currently a big challenge for Brazilian industry as it may be considered one of the most complex energy to be developed. However, aiming this potential demand coming from developed countries, Brazilian players have put a lot of efforts to also get part of this pie. Besides requiring technological development, it needs definition in regulations and technical specifications on production, storage, transport and consumption.

On April 7th, the Industry of the Economic Development and Labor Secretariat (SEDET) and representatives from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) held an online meeting to discuss the issue, where SEDET presented a plan of policies and developments for the consolidation of the Green Hydrogen HUB in the state of Ceará, counting on an investment of US$ 5.4 billion from the Australian company Enegix.

The Federal Government announces that is aiming to make green hydrogen one of the main energy vectors in the country. As a strategy, it is establishing important partnerships with the governments of Germany, the United States, Denmark, and is negotiating with Chile and Argentina.




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