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Sustainability is today a recognized and essential corporate instrument aimed at generating growth and value. A truly strategic approach to sustainability must be integrated and must involve stakeholders and the various internal and external corporate functions - i.e. the entire Corporate Ecosystem® - in an organic and coordinated manner.


SIrcle® supports companies in achieving this goal, designing a new role for the company which generates awareness and motivation for all stakeholders, right down to the end user.


The SIrcle® project is the result of the partnership between three different realities, Consulnet Italia, Rödl & Partner and Wellnet, together in order to provide their customers with the necessary instruments to face future challenges.


Only an integrated and holistic approach, strong in vertical skills, is able to guarantee companies sustainable growth, which can lead the business towards the future and the achievement of competitive advantages.



The EASI model - Ecosistema Aziendale Sostenibile Integrato® (Integrated Sustainable Corporate Ecosystem) arises, a proprietary protocol, filed with SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers' society) which allows the integration of sustainability in business processes in a transversal and organic way.


The EASI model is intended as a standard and combines in an organized and organic way the requirements in all ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) dimensions that organizations must comply with in order to act in a sustainable way and thus contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the meantime, EASI aims to act as an effective governance and control instrument supporting the Board, as well as a means of engaging all stakeholders.


EASI rationalizes and integrates the various protocols, standards and guidelines on the subject, representing an evolutionary instrument in view of sustainable growth in the medium-long term. Its additional value consists of integration and organic unity, thus overcoming the limits of an approach determined by a lack of flexibility.


The completeness of this instrument, which ranges from environmental and social issues to cybersecurity and corporate communication, both internal and external, makes it unique in the matter and aims to be a forerunner and guide for companies that consider sustainability not only a communication tool but a real business tool which can give value to the company and to the society.


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