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 Issue August 2022

​Introduction of mandatory electronic invoices

  • Expected benefits
  • Present requirements

 Issue July 2022 – 2

​Amendments to the Labour Law

  • Content of an employment contract
  • Collective agreement
  • Probation period
  • Accounts of working time
  • The employer’s obligations, when sending an employee on a business trip
  • Working time organization matters
  • Leave for a child’s father and leave for child care

 Issue July 2022 – 1

​Support for Latvian companies in light of the war in Ukraine

  • Types of available aids
  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Eligibility for the aid

 Issue June 2022

Supply-chain compliance and due diligence in Latvia

  • EU legal framework as a set of minimum requirements
  • General obligations on supply-chain analysis in Latvia

 Issue May 2022

​Latvian eID card for foreigners

  • The right to apply for foreigner’s eID card
  • Where to apply for foreigner’s eID card
  • Validity of the foreigner’s eID card and state fee

Mandatory e-address for legal persons

  • E-address for merchants
  • The creation and use of an e-address

 Issue March 2022

Recovery of training expenses from the employee

  • Type of training
  • Presence of a written agreement
  • Amount to be claimed back
  • Grounds for claiming the expenses back
  • Employee’s liabilities towards the employer

 Issue January 2022

​New requirements in respect to protection of consumer rights

  • New requirements for selling online
  • Consumer rights and unfair commercial practices prohibition will also apply to free digital
  • Restricting distribution of “dual-quality” products
  • Additional legal remedies for consumers
  • Significant changes in application of fines


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