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In addition to traditional monitoring and management tasks, risk management is becoming increasingly important for supervisory boards, advisory boards, management boards and managing directors. Perpetual economic change and the resulting opportunities and risks demonstrate how essential it is today for the company management to be able to fall back on an effective risk management system. At the same time the subjects of economic efficiency such as cost reductions and process efficiency are right at the top of the agenda of management committees. In numerous companies a methodical examination, however, frequently reveals weaknesses in the areas of risk management and IT infrastructure. As a result in many companies measures to limit risk are insufficient, leading to loopholes which open up the possibility of economic risks, ineffectual actions and a lack of transparency or even economic crime. The consequence can be a considerable risk to the assets and reputation of the affected companies.
We take care of your security. Rödl & Partner will support and assist you on your path to success. As an integrated professional services firm, in the area of risk management we can offer you a unique interdisciplinary range of services from auditors, IT experts, tax consultants and lawyers.  We are your partner for the management of financial, technological and business-related risks in order to secure the success of the company. We manage risk prevention for you. 

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Management audit

The management audit is applied to the current management culture of the company. In the course of the audit the following points are identified and proposals made for improvement.
  • Potential to improve company processes
  • Available control and planning instruments (e.g. risk management system, operative or strategic control)


The implementation of the improvements is determined in the course of the follow-up. In addition, we can establish an informative internal company reporting system for the company management which includes risk analysis.

The starting points for a successful management audit are the security mechanisms included in the internal control system such as:
  • Application of the two-man rule for authorisation and approval processes
  • Monitoring of liquidity
  • Compliance for business processes subject to approval


Compliance management

Compliance management describes the task of the company management to initiate appropriate measures to ensure company compliance of legal and contractual obligations and other obligations. A compliance audit defines structures for a functioning compliance management system in the areas which are particularly sensitive for the respective company. A compliance matrix is used to check compliance of the essential statutory and internal company regulations. The individual points of the matrix should be upheld in the long-term by contact partners and internal company training.

Internal audit

The internal audit is an important monitoring instrument for the company management. The regular monitoring of critical system-related and manual business processes helps to minimise risks and improve process efficiency. The main focus of our consulting and auditing activities is to give equal priority to compliance of security and efficiency requirements in order to create added-value for your company.

Fraud prevention

Corruption, embezzlement and other damage to company assets is often only possible when certain internal controls are bypassed. In the interests of fraud prevention, we identify such weaknesses in manual und IT-supported controls. We also apply our special software for the purpose of mass data analysis to discover irregularities.

The following are examples of audit actions for fraud prevention.
  • Audit of travel cost documentation
  • Audit to establish which assets actually exist
  • Audit of business relationships with creditors
  • Audit of personnel costs for irregularities in payment processes
  • Audit of inflows and outflows of liquid assets
  • Audit of contracts and conditions with business partners, etc.


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