Company valuation and purchase price allocation in Munich

At Rödl & Partner in Munich we valuate companies, business units and individual assets for you and offer consulting services, for example, in connection with M&A transactions, reorganisation relating to tax or company law and disputes in and out of court.
In particular, we have extensive expertise in the valuation of intangible assets (brands, patented and unpatented technology, customer relations, software etc.).

Pragmatic and tailor-made valuation services

Our valuations are always made in line with recognised German and international valuation standards. We offer you a scope of services to the extent legally permissible which is warranted and related to the task ranging from value calculations and value indicators up to short expert reports and comprehensive calculation reports, e.g. according to the valuation standard IDW S1 issued by the German institute of public auditors. In this way we ensure that we develop a pragmatic and goal-oriented valuation approach.
With all valuations we naturally take into consideration the current status of the applicable laws and the latest developments in valuation practice.

The company valuation team in Munich – interdisciplinary and for international projects

As far as warranted by the valuation, we work in interdisciplinary teams together with experts in their field such as lawyers and tax consultants. In addition, the Munich office is able to take on international projects almost all around the world and work with local experts.
Our services in the area of company valuation include

Valuations in the context of transaction 

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get" (Warren Buffet). Our valuation team in Munich supports purchasers or sellers prior to, during, or after transactions in order to maximize the success of the transaction.
  • Determination of marginal prices for purchasers and sellers
  • Definition of an appropriate exchange ratio
  • Fairness opinion to hedge entrepreneurial decisions
  • Second opinions on company valuations drawn up in-house
  • Purchase price allocations in the course of due diligence (pre-PPA) and in the follow up to a transaction
  • Impairment tests
  • Determination of the proportionate value of the company for the entry or exit of shareholders
  • Valuation of intangible assets for acquisitions /disposals and for financing (e.g. sale and lease back of brands)
  • Support for out-licensing and licensing of intangible assets

Valuations for matters relating to company law

Against the background of a reorganisation subject to company law, we are able to offer you support for many functions whether as a neutral expert or auditor appointed by the court for the purpose of an adequacy investigation, expert opinions or as a merger auditor. In the course of the valuation process, we observe the prevailing valuation standards and in the interest of clients also take into account the latest developments in case law.
  • Determination of indemnity and compensation with agreements on control and profit sharing
  • Definition of compensation for minority shareholders with squeeze-outs
  • Assessment of  adequacy of indemnity and compensation with agreements on control and profit sharing and squeeze-outs
  • Support for shareholder compensation proceedings
  • Expert opinions or merger audits
  • Valuation certificates

Valuations for matters relating to tax 

As fiscal documentation requirements constantly increase it advisable to document internal company reorganisation actions at the time of the respective measure through corresponding valuation reports. The following services allow you to face the next external tax audit will less apprehension:
  • Valuation of the company or business units in the course of reorganisation measures, e.g. for the disposal of an affiliated company outside Germany
  • Valuation of intangible assets and transfer packages with function relocations
  • Support for the derivation of adequate transfer pricing for intangible assets
  • Evaluation of assets with respect to succession tax legislation
  • Management consulting for disputes with the fiscal authorities

Valuations and business analysis for disputes in and out of court (litigation and arbitration support team)

In the addition to legal advice, it is advantageous for the clarification of business management questions which frequently occur in connection with disputes to also have a business management consultant at your side from the start who has the necessary expertise to manage claims for damages. For this purpose our litigation and arbitration support team in Munich can offer in-depth knowledge of accounting issues, extensive expertise in the area of company valuations and support for transactions with its experience representing clients before courts and arbitration courts.
  • Preparation of but-for scenarios
  • Management of claims for damages with disputes in the follow-up to transactions (post M&A dispute)
  • Assessment of the claims for damages for breach of contract
  • Valuations in connection with disputes between company shareholders
  • Valuations for disputes concerning distribution of the estate among heirs
  • Support for arbitration and court proceedings as a dependent auditor or as an auditor appointed by the court
  • License audits to review the adequacy of the license fees paid by the licensee

Financial modelling

Perhaps your time availability or resources do not allow you to implement complex financial models on your own. In this case we offer support and implement your wishes and requirements competently and efficiently taking care to conserve your resources for diverse purposes. Alternatively, we are happy to provide the following consulting services or offer instruction for your own design of models, also in the course of their review:
  • Modelling of financing projects, e.g. public-private partnerships, etc.
  • Preparation of liquidity planning, integrated financial or business plans
  • Review of financial models which have been prepared in-house
  • Financial modelling training seminars for you and your employees


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