Financial due diligence, fact books and vendor due diligence in Munich


In the area of company acquisitions and disposals, our team in Munich is an expert partner for small to medium-sized German family-owned companies including company groups with global operations.

We can draw on a wide range of business expertise in the area of restructuring and reorganisation for the preparation, assessment and monitoring of financial concepts, reorganisation and restructuring concepts and continuation forecasts.

Transaction consulting with decades of experience

Our project managers have extensive experience working with German and international company transactions. The Munich transaction team is specialised in the automotive, trade and e-commerce, mechanical engineering and plant construction, IT, consumer goods, services, food and agricultural sectors.

Consulting for German medium-sized companies geared to the requirements of financial investors

We are particularly successful in providing consulting services for German medium-sized companies where the requirements for professional transaction processes are tailored to the reality of business processes in medium-sized companies. Our experts provide valuable support which is based on decades of experience as a partner to German medium-sized companies in Germany and international markets.
The standard of our transaction consulting services is geared to the high requirements of professional financial investors. Therefore, in addition to well-known industrial and retail groups, our customers also include many private equity investors.
We provide services for the buy side and sell side, i.e. for purchasers or sellers of company shareholdings.

Details of our services

Our consulting services for purchasers and capital providers (financial due diligence) in particular include:
  • Execution of financial due diligence
  • Financial due diligence in special situations (distressed, with carve-outs, etc.)
  • Audit and audit review of closing accounts for the subsequent revision of executed  transactions
  • Support with process consulting, in particular with regard to the business aspects of the purchase contract or letter of intent
  • Preparation of structuring proposals for the transaction in relation to questions concerning liability, co-determination, disclosure, etc.
  • Expert opinions in connection with disputes relating to historical transactions, e.g. post M&A disputes

Our sell-side assistance particularly includes:

  • Preparation of a transaction process with collection of the relevant company information for potential buyers
  • Execution of a transaction process with administration of a data room, dialogue partners for potential investors, support for purchase price negotiations
  • Vendor assistance, preparation of a fact book or a vendor due diligence as an efficient basis for a bidding process

Our consulting services for restructuring and reorganisation particularly include:

  • Preparation or assessment of  IDW S6 expert reports, restructuring concepts, continuation forecasts
  • Independent business plan reviews
  • Excel-based modelling of restructuring concepts and concepts to increase liquidity and/or improve the result


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