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Cross-border business relations with related parties have to be agreed taking into consideration the internationally recognised so-called arm's length principle and documented according to the legal requirements of the respective country. It is necessary to understand transfer pricing as a continuous process in order in the long-term to minimise the associated tax risks without at the same time having to question the business model which is necessary for entrepreneurial success.
Transfer pricing has developed to become a task of continual risk management and control, while in the meantime for compliance obligations such as the duty to prepare documentation approaches are available to reduce costs and increase process efficiency.
The starting point for the establishment of transfer pricing is the business model. Our consulting approach is characterised by our support for you in the implementation of your commercial expectations and objectives.
Based on our many years of experience with transfer pricing in Germany and other countries we support you with the design of operationally efficient transfer pricing structures and the reduction of tax risks.

The transfer pricing team of Rödl & Partner in Munich under the management of Dr. Kai-Uwe Bandtel is supported in this process at an international level by more than 80 transfer pricing specialists in 32 countries.

Our services

We provide consulting services, assist you with our expert knowledge of the sector and support you with the development of a tailor-made transfer pricing strategy which is designed to reduce your tax burden.
Our transfer pricing consulting services are comprehensive and in particular include:


  • Analysis of existing transfer pricing systems under consideration of risk areas
  • Development of transfer pricing systems
  • Preparation and implementation of transfer pricing guidelines
  • Selection and application of appropriate transfer pricing methods according to German and international transfer pricing standards
  • Preparation of comparative values
  • Execution of database  and benchmark analysis


  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation for German and international tax requirements
  • Review of existing documentation
  • Analysis of functions and risks
  • Analysis of value chains
  • German and international co-ordination of documentation
  • Verification of the profit situation
  • Development of co-ordinated documentation processes


  • Support with German and international external tax audits
  • Risk analysis of existing documentation
  • Modification and adjustment of documentation with information filter as required by the auditor
  • Preparation of transfer pricing officers
  • Consulting for redress procedures
  • Support for arbitration proceedings and defence
  • Consulting for advanced pricing agreements

Special areas

  • Relocation of function
  • Production sites
  • Seconding of personnel
  • Cost allocation systems
  • Transfer of assets
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Transfer pricing due diligence


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Dr. Kai-Uwe Bandtel


+49 89 9287 80 560
+49 89 9287 80 860

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