Optimising company energy costs


A significant trend is currently noticeable in all segments of the energy market towards own electricity generation. The reasons for this are firstly higher electricity rates for end customers and secondly lower electricity generation costs due to decentralised energy generation. The lowering of the feed-in remuneration for electricity generated from renewable energy and higher taxes have also led to the more frequent implementation of own electricity generation projects as this is a way to increase added value.

We offer comprehensive consulting services to help you achieve your targets, starting with the project idea and including planning, implementation, modifications, redevelopment and decommissioning. Our range of services covers all business, legal and tax areas relating to your power generation model. We elaborate concepts in interdisciplinary teams and then implement these together with you. The focus is on well-founded legal design and effective procurement.

Our services for you: 

Project design and strategic consulting

  • Elaboration of feasibility studies (economic and legal)
  • Creation of efficient project planning structures and organisational structures
  • Advice for the best possible legal and organisational form
  • Design of shareholder agreements
  • Development and contract design of leasing schemes / company management concepts


Energy law consulting

  • Advice on the application of energy law and environmental law relating to energy
  • Securing the grid connection and feed-in
  • Negotiations with network operators
  • German Combined Heat and Power Act
  • German Renewable Energy Act
  • Electricity grid user charge ordinance
  • Regulatory questions
  • Energy procurement contracts


Construction and regulatory approval law

  • Assistance and preparation of license applications (site examinations)
  • Comprehensive support in the course of all approval and planning procedures
  • Legal consulting for approval procedures in the areas of construction planning law and the building regulations


Preparation of cost benefit analysis and business plans acceptable to banks

  • Preparation of annual income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements
  • Financial modelling
  • Preparation of possible project returns
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Production costs analysis / levelised cost of energy calculations
  • Risk analysis


Contract review and design

  • Public law contracts
  • Contract design according to construction law (e.g. general contractor agreements, property contracts, lease agreements, etc.)
  • Contracts subject to energy law (grid connection contracts, energy supply contracts, etc.)
  • Lease and operating contracts
  • Legal due diligence
  • Review and design of other contracts


Price structuring

  • Calculation of prices paid for supply of heat
  • Calculation of electricity prices
  • Development of price adjustment clauses
  • Development of price systems


Financial structuring

  • Financial due diligence
  • Support for procurement of equity and borrowed capital
  • Consulting for and procurement of subsidies


Technical consulting (in co-operation with independent experts)

  • Preparation of yield reports
  • Evaluation of energy volume
  • Calculation of requirements
  • Technical inspection of plant configuration
  • Technical evaluation of offers


Business planning/project evaluation

  • Interdisciplinary business planning
  • Participation consulting
  • Company valuation according to IDW S1
  • Purchase price determination of existing projects


Tax law consulting/auditing

  • Tax planning / mitigation (in particular regarding energy tax, electricity tax, VAT)
  • Tax and due diligence
  • Regular tax consulting and the annual audit



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