Regulation management in the energy industry

Hardly any other area in Germany is subject to stricter regulation than the operation of energy supply networks. Due to incentive regulations, the regulatory requirements for grid operators have now reached a level where in particular it is quite difficult for small and medium-sized energy suppliers to manage regulatory questions without external consulting services. While energy suppliers are subject to the regulations, companies from other areas are also affected as far as these have infrastructure and equipment for the purpose of supplying energy (e.g. industrial and commercial zones, shopping centres, airports, exhibition centres).
Our consulting services for regulation management include: 
  • Adjustment of the revenue cap according to the incentive regulation ordinance and price sheet determination for electricity and gas (grid charges calculation)
  • Regular consulting for all regulatory questions concerning grid operation
  • Assistance with regulatory and court proceedings concerning the regulation of grid operations
  • Regulatory consulting for the restructuring of grid operations
  • Consulting for closed distribution grids and customer facilities
  • Support for application procedures for cost examination
  • Legal consulting for unbundling regulations
  • Support for data provision required for monitoring, quality regulation, reporting and disclosure obligations and efficiency comparison
  • Transfer of revenue cap according to the German incentive regulation ordinance
  • Application procedures for individual grid charges and exemption from grid charges according to section § 19 par. 2 of the German electricity grid charges ordinance, determination of the peak load window
  • Applications for coverage factors and investment budgets according to the German incentive regulation ordinance
  • Charging for cost rollup of biogas according to section § 20b of the German gas grid charges ordinance
  • Legal representation before the regulatory authorities
  • Decision support and risk assessment of possible regulatory models
  • Grid cost simulations for gas and electricity
  • Support for preparation of activity reports according to section § 6b par. 3 of the German energy act
  • Calculation of avoided grid charges pursuant to section § 18 of the German electricity grid charges ordinance



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Dr. Thomas Wolf, LL.M. oec.


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