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​Foundations are playing an ever more important role in the area of non-profit making organisations and by taking on public and private charitable work.
Foundations, however, are also an established part of economic life. They are steadily gaining in importance as:
  • Investors on international financial markets
  • Real estate investors and administrators
  • Shareholders of significant business enterprises
  • A structuring and management tool in company groups
  • An alternative for the succession planning of companies and private assets
  • A method to bind and protect large family assets
  • A tool for commitment in a modern civil society and corporate social responsibility of companies
  • A platform for cross-border projects and cooperation partners from non-profit organisations, in particular in the EU

The variety of foundations requires comprehensive and individual consulting

Foundations and the concepts behind the foundations are as diverse as the goals pursued by them and the personalities and life situations of their founders. For this diversity you need a competent partner to assist you with business matters and provide effective advice. 
Our experts at Rödl & Partner will assist you comprehensively and individually:
  • From your first foundation idea and development of a concept for your foundation (founding consulting)
  • With the design of the legal, tax, commercial and personnel arrangements
  • Up to the implementation of your goals in project work, promotion work and administrative work for the foundation
  • Also on the restructuring and development of your existing foundation (amendments to the statutes, sub-foundations and succession solutions)

You benefit from our experience and interdisciplinary approach

We work in an interdisciplinary team of specialists with a wide range of experience and expertise in dealing with the special requirements and aspects of the foundation sector and non-profit organisations. We equally take into account legal, tax and commercial requirements of companies and entrepreneurs.
We should establish contact and discuss the realisation of your ideas, in particular if you are:
  • A founder
  • A potential founder or person interested in a foundation
  • An executor or executor of a founder
  • A foundation
  • A board member (foundation board, supervisory board, member of a board of trustees) or managing director/senior employee of a foundation
  • A beneficiary of a foundation 
  • An applicant to a foundation program
  • A cooperation partner of a foundation 
We will advise you on the many different forms of foundation activities for:
  • Incorporated foundations according to civil law
  • Trust foundations/fiduciary foundations/foundations without a legal capacity
  • Joint foundations/civil foundations
  • Sub-foundations
  • Endowment foundation/assets
  • Endowment funds
  • Legal replacement forms such as Stiftungs-GmbH
  • Non-profit organisations and other tax-privileged foundations
  • Family foundations and other private-benefit foundations
  • Company foundations/company-related foundations
  • Twin and multiple foundations
  • Foundation & Co. KG
  • Capital foundations
  • Institutional foundations
  • Sponsorship foundations
  • Operationally active foundations


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