​The supply of a fast internet and high bandwidth is becoming a more important factor for companies wishing to locate to a municipality. Nowadays industrial and commercial companies and private persons choose their location more and more based on the availability of a sustainable digital infrastructure.
For various reasons, energy and water suppliers also come into contact with the expansion of broadband. Many are actively searching for new business areas to compensate for a decrease in margins and lower earnings in the supply of energy and others are unable to withstand the pressure of municipal shareholders.
In order to ensure the right approach to the expansion of broadband, a number of technological and especially commercial and legal questions have to be addressed. In spite of commercial barriers in the initial years, the rollout of fibre optics for municipalities and municipal companies now offers extensive opportunities. The telecommunications market is also attractive for new market entrants in terms of ample support policies.

Our services for you:

Business management consulting

  • Strategic consulting for development of the business model
  • Profitability analysis and business planning
  • Consulting for federal and state subsidies
  • Financing concepts and acquisition of other subsidies
  • Company and assets valuation
  • Calculation of leasing payments
  • Organisation and process consulting


Legal consulting

  • Comprehensive consulting in all the relevant legal areas and in particular the areas of telecommunications law, procurement law, state aid law, municipal law, company law and general civil law
  • Use/avoidance of one-off effects during the founding process
  • Design of cooperation models between regional authorities, public utilities and telecommunications companies
  • Design of the required contracts 
  • Coordination with the municipal supervisory authorities, federal network agency and other authorities and ministries

Tax consulting

  • Examination of the appropriate legal and organisational form
  • Use/avoidance of one-off effects during the founding process
  • Project support
  • Gathering of binding information
  • Offsetting of tax losses
  • Transfer of assets
  • Regular consulting to improve efficiency during operations 



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