Consolidated municipal accounts


​After years of privatisation most municipalities today have structures which are similar to a company group. A look at the annual financial statement of the core municipality is therefore not enough to provide a comprehensive view of the assets, financial and earnings position of the municipality.
State legislators in German have recognised this and therefore stipulated that the municipalities which have made core areas of responsibility independent have, in addition to the preparation of an annual financial statement, to also prepare consolidated municipal accounts according to the regulations of the respective German state. There is an obligation to have the consolidated municipal accounts reviewed through the local auditing office.
The technical challenge of the consolidated municipal accounts is that the individual units to be consolidated are mostly in different accounting systems and disclosed in the balance sheet according to the different regulations. The corresponding adjustments are required.

Our services for you: 

Finance department

  • Complete responsibility for preparation of financial statements
  • Specification of the companies to be consolidated
  • Unifying of company statements according to the regulations of the parent company
  • Management of discrepancies after the initial consolidation
  • Implementation of consolidation measures
  • Representation of the consolidation in a spreadsheet or a consolidation tool



  • Complete responsibility for audit of the consolidated municipal accounts (as far as this is legally permissible)
  • Support for planning, execution and quality assurance of the audit of the consolidated municipal accounts
  • Implementation of audit investigations with accountants
  • Training for risk-oriented approach for the auditing of the group
  • Training in the use of software applications designed to assist with the audit

The extensive experience of our colleagues in the preparation and auditing of the consolidated municipal accounts and consolidated financial statements according to private law enables us to address the challenges presented by the consolidated municipal accounts with the highest degree of pragmatism.



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