Municipal annual financial statements


After the changeover from the fiscal accounting to double-entry accounting, the municipalities are bound by the legislation of their state to prepare an annual financial statement for each financial year. This is to be audited by the local auditing office and approved by political bodies. The approval forms the basis for the discharge of the respective administrative civil servants.
Our extensive experience over many years in the public sector enables us to provide professional support for municipalities, municipal institutions and other public undertakings. For us it is essential that we speak the "same language", i.e. that we fully understand the issues which municipalities have to face. 

Our services for you:

Finance department

      • Technical support for employees with complex issues
    • Processing of the posting data
    • Processing of financial accounting using your software
    • Quality assurance



  • Complete responsibility for the audit of the annual financial statement (where permissible)
  • Support with planning, execution and quality assurance for the audit of the annual financial statement
  • Execution of selective audits together with the auditors
  • Training for a risk-oriented audit approach
  • Training for software applications designed to assist the audit



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