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In the provision of business consulting services for transport companies we combine the specialist know-how of our transport experts with decades of methodical expertise gained from the provision of consulting services to the public sector.

Why do we do this? 

We do this because we are convinced that in general methods are independent of any sector, because you benefit from our experience in other areas of consulting, because we have recognised that an “outside of the box approach” is essential to manage change, and also because we know that the best ideas require an innovative approach. Therefore, our business experts in the area of transport consulting can also draw on the resources of experts who in addition to their own transport expertise also have extensive experience fulfilling tasks in the public sector.

As an established provider of benchmark projects we are the right partner for you in the area of analysis based on key figures. Organisational analysis and the elaboration of recommendations for the set-up of appropriate structures and procedures is our daily business. We are permanently involved with the question of cost-covering charges in all areas of the utility industry. Our market and competition analysis has frequently been the requirement for the successful enlargement of the product range of our clients. Where others may speak of strategic consulting, we prefer to exploit our ability to rethink established concepts and actively shape the future.

You can benefit from our experience in all areas of the public sector for your issues relating to the transportation. 

We are convinced that the public transport network faces a fundamental period of upheaval and that the changes in the area of public transportation will be one of the main challenges in the coming decades. The economic importance of transport companies as a regional competitive factor will further increase in this period. Questions of electro-mobility can only be appropriately addressed together with the transport companies. Transport companies have an important role to play in social and political questions including the changeover to renewable energy sources.

Our services for you:

  • Organisational analysis (structures and procedures, interface analysis)
  • Benchmarking (cost benchmarking and extended benchmarking)
  • Development of financing concepts (charging models)
  • Calculation and revision of charges
  • Conception and revision of separate accounting
  • Set-up and revision of route profit calculations
  • Preparation of business plans and integrated planning calculations
  • Analysis of economic viability
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Business model development



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