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Alternative drive technology and the digital networking of transport networks are set to be a game changer which will have a massive effect on the mobility sector. In addition to the provision of electric cars, one of the main challenges will be to establish a high performance infrastructure nationwide to charge batteries.

The changes will be driven by the changed mobility behaviour of customers. Therefore these changes have to be considered in terms of the new mobility requirements. At the same time, new mobility providers will penetrate the market. These new providers see the emission free drive technology as an image advantage compared to the technology used by established market players. Further changes will also arise in connection with the introduction of autonomous mobility which will exert extreme pressure on the established transport providers.
Municipalities and companies are therefore called upon to organise their future activities to ensure that the mobility is sustainable. In addition, there are new smart possibilities for municipalities in the urban environment to create smart cities. Why leave it to others to make the change when you can shape your own future!

Our services for you:

  • Development of infrastructure concepts for charging batteries
  • Introduction of push-pull measures for the promotion of sustainable mobility concepts (e.g. car park management concepts, intelligent toll systems)
  • Preparation of statutes for the public sector and public infrastructure for charging batteries
  • Support for tendering procedures to establish a public infrastructure for charging batteries by third party companies
  • Assistance with the establishment of strategic partnerships in order to jointly manage the high interdisciplinary challenges



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