Financing compliance with state aid law


​Public transportation in Germany is financed by less than 50 percent of passenger fares. In order to ensure the existing standards, public sector support is required. The granting of public funds to companies involves the danger of distorting competition.
In order to avoid demands for return of payments, public co-financing must fulfill state aid regulations. Expert knowledge and an understanding of the legal and economic background is essential to ensure that financing is compatible to state aid law.

The consulting expertise of Rödl & Partner in the field of transport for compliance with state aid law includes: 

  • Preparation and tightening up of public service contracts according to European regulation no. 1370/2007
  • Infrastructure financing under observance of the European primary law
  • Assistance with state aid investigations relating to impermissible financing of competitors
  • Determination of appropriate profit to avoid overcompensation
  • Benchmark or restructuring process to improve or facilitate effective management



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