Digitalisation in public transport


​The public transport network in Germany with more than 20 billion users per year counts as a key sector for the establishment of pioneering business-to-consumer models. The amount of data found in this sector is second to none. Digitalisation presents opportunities to transport companies and networks to develop new business models which are designed to generate additional resources to promote sustainable public mobility. The requirement for this is a new way of thinking in the companies. In future, the primary service will not be the provision of transport services, but will comprise other services and networking with other areas of business such as the power supply.
  • Transport companies have to develop to become platform and service companies. For this purpose the timely establishment of digital platforms will be necessary in order to open up an intelligent and easy access to all services and mobility products of the company. In this respect, contact to the customer and the responsible handling of customer data will be a key to success.
  • Transport companies can take over logistics services. The public transport network is one of the largest mobility providers in Germany. The public transport network can therefore become part of an integrated logistics service. The requirement for this is the digitalisation and networking of complementary systems.
  • As transport policy changes, solutions with telematics have a greater role to play. The management of big data is required for the efficient control of transport networks. Telematics contribute to the reduction of problems relating to transportation and the environment. Open data is necessary for this together with intelligent transport solutions.
  • New forms of mobility between public transport and private motorised transport are becoming more important. Technical progress is changing our travelling habits and leading to previously unknown forms of mobility, i.e. the sharing economy. This may result in conflicts between current permit requirements according to the German Public Transport Act and the established forms of transport. All those concerned are called upon to adapt their services and mobility products to the new requirements and to strictly orient these to customers. This applies to mobility platforms, P2P sharing offers, ride-sharing and ride-selling offers.

Our services for you:

  • Support for change processes in the development of transport companies to become modern mobility and logistics service providers
  • Introduction of multi-modal transportation concepts
  • Initiation and coordination of strategic partnerships and joint ventures within the sector and outside of the sector
  • Integration of new business models in accordance with approval law for the early avoidance of regulatory conflicts
  • Assurance of IT and data protection requirements
  • Maintenance of cyber security



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