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Market entry consulting



Apart from traditional legal, tax, consulting and accounting services and engagement in several countries, Rödl & Partner offers support in the following areas:


Market entry studies

For project development and technology companies, it is increasingly important to decide which markets should be the focus of their efforts. It is obvious that misallocation of resources can lead to excessive costs (e.g. building up distribution structures).


Rödl & Partner has local colleagues in many countries who have professional knowledge in the regulatory and legal framework of their respective markets and are familiar with the political agendas in their market segments. That gives them deep insight into the state of the market and where they are headed in the future.

With its knowledge of project development in renewable energies, and bolstered by the necessary calculations (LCOE, e.g. for direct marketing models), Rödl & Partner brings extensive experience to the table to conduct market analysis and organize a successful market entry.


Country studies

Rödl & Partner evaluates the conditions for investment in specific technology segments for international financing institutions. This includes detailed analysis of the legal and regulatory framework, political stability and profitability of sample projects. In the field of Renewable Energies, distribution network access and distribution structures for electricity (where applicable, also for heat) are critical.


In a further step, incentive systems have been established to accelerate economic development in certain countries. These can take the form of risk-fund structures (for geothermal power and heat) or subsidy programs for identifying community-level projects. The possibilities are enormous, und the leverage-effect on the market should be kept in focus at all times.


Rödl & Partner plays the role of an objective partner, offering proposals that may ultimately affect decisions on a political level or in international financing institutions.




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