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All technologies have their place in the energy generation portfolio but they are characterised by different features, which should be taken into account, for example, when putting a power plant into operation. Along with the Renewable Energy boom in the last years, numerous projects involving diverse Renewable Energy technologies have emerged. With our industry- and technology-specific know-how we are able to assist you with advice in all technologies and support you in their implementation.



The photovoltaics technology saw a sluggish boom at the beginning of the last decade but in the meantime, it has established itself worldwide as a technology of the future. The costliness of the use of this technology is hardly debated anymore since photovoltaics offers extremely low operational costs, has a long life-cycle and is easy to implement. If combined with storage systems, the disadvantage in form of the volatile nature of the production of energy using this source can be eliminated; however, of course, the development of costs in terms of LCoS (Levelized Costs of Storage) will decide about the speed of this process. Innovative distribution models enabling direct prosumption of the generated power, developed especially for Germany, surely will soon find their way also to the markets of other countries.


Wind power

Wind energy as the backbone of the energy transition. Also this trend seems to continue. Although Germany has been split into two parts since the introduction of the 10-H rule in Bavaria, Central and North Germany will certainly see many projects being implemented, in particular with regard to repowering. Here, tenders surely will lead to market saturation in the medium term but, on the other hand, ample opportunities are opening up particularly in the emerging economies. Especially in wind energy, project-specific risk analyses have come to play a particularly important role now and should be carried out by a professional partner at all times.


Hydro energy

The presumably longest used Renewable Energy technology will surely play no significant role anymore with regard to the implementation of new projects in Europe. Nevertheless, it continues to be significant in emerging and developing countries. It remains to be seen, however, whether new technologies – such as floating systems – will reach market maturity and will be competitive in terms of production costs, e.g. compared to photovoltaics (with storage capacity).



Also this Renewable Energy technology has been already intensively used, nevertheless one vital advantage has been strongly neglected, so far: Bioenergy is controllable. Thus, on all markets, an intensified effort should be made to expand this type of technology as a supplementary technology to solar, hydro and wind power plants. Bioenergy might prove to be the renewable energy technology that is easiest-to-use for control reserve purposes and easily implementable on the market. It should be noted that especially on markets offering feed-in tariffs (FiTs) it is important to achieve the right balance between power purchase and power sales agreements. Any discrepancies can quickly cause imbalances in the entire project.
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