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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on the principle of sustainability and covers such areas as economy, ecology and social matters within a company. 

Multifaceted Corporate Social Responsibility – Opportunities for your company

The wide range of areas covered by the CSR concept confirms that there is no single standard approach for companies to assume social responsibility. Companies conduct their business in a variety of fields and thus possess the required flexibility to make their contribution to sustainability and social responsibility, contributing to social and economic development through the careful use of resources.
When making a decision in which form to assume social responsibility, companies must consider many aspects, including their size, scale of business (local or global) as well as the industry and the markets in which they operate. Companies can therefore decide themselves in what areas they want to pursue CSR policies.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Interdisciplinary advisory from Rödl & Partner

The experts of Rödl & Partner will be glad to support you and your company in analysing possible areas of action for improved CSR performance. They will also help you develop, implement and regularly monitor your CSR projects. Our interdisciplinary approach and many years of experience makes us your competent and reliable point of contact.
Our services portfolio dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility comprises of, among others:

Legal consulting

  • Labour law
  • Company law
  • Contract law
  • Compliance 


  • Analysis of energy savings potential
  • Office design
  • Mobility
  • Organisational consulting
  • Youth & social issues
  • Education
  • Facility management


  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management system
  • Environmental certification (ISO 14001/EMASIII)
  • Eco-audit
  • Profitability analysis
  • Brand equity valuation

Tax consulting

  • Fundraising
  • Community service
  • Funds and charitable foundations



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