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Throughout the world, Germany is known for its innovative spirit, cutting-edge technologies and high productivity. A stable political climate, highly developed infrastructure and skilled workforce are extremely attractive for Russian investors. Furthermore, adequate tools ensure investment protection at a high level. One more point not to be ignored is Germany’s location in the heart of Europe, which offers an excellent entry point to the entire internal market of the EU.


The recent years have seen growth in the overall number of Russian companies venturing to expand their operations to Germany. By doing so, they are able to reposition themselves strategically through cooperation with German partner companies and to acquire new customers locally as well as in the European market. Additionally, the acquisition of a German Mittelstand business or of a shareholding in an existing company makes it possible to acquire valuable know-how. Moreover, declining local demand can be offset through development of new outlet markets in Europe.


Russia's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has contributed to the opening up of more international markets for Russian companies. The recent years of German-Russian trade relations were strongly affected by the adverse and stormy political climate. However, a distinct recovery and growing trade volumes can be noted at present. A large number of successful newly established German subsidiaries of Russian parent groups are an indication of the demand enjoyed by Russian products in Germany due to their quality and competitive pricing.


Professional services for Russian companies investing in Germany

Germany’s intricate legal system, a strong emphasis on corporate governance and the German business culture are barriers faced by Russian investors and competent advisory is required to overcome them. The timely involvement of an experienced partner will help manage risks and facilitate the success of investments.


Rödl & Partner offers comprehensive legal advisory to Russian investors at all stages of their investing activities in Germany. We help Russian companies assert their rights in Germany.


Our multilingual lawyers who have obtained their qualifications in Germany are well-versed in the cultural and business practices of Russian companies. They will gladly provide tailored support in all relevant fields of German law, taking into account the special needs and requirements of Russian companies investing in Germany.


We offer in particular the following services to businesses entering the German market:


Moreover, we also offer advisory support to individuals who intend to reside in Germany for lengthy periods of time, whether privately or for business reasons. A number of changes were enacted to German migration laws in recent years, making it easier to obtain a residence permit when establishing business operations in Germany. We will be glad to present the available possibilities to obtain a visa or a residence permit and to discuss the criteria which have to be satisfied during a personal consultation.


Rödl & Partner has a proven track record in supporting Russian investors in the establishment of their subsidiaries and branch offices in Germany, in particular during M&A transactions.



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