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Implementation and transmission of the electronic balance sheet

The electronic balance sheet requires a new structure. For the financial years since January 1, 2013 companies have had to transmit their balance sheet electronically to the financial authorities in Germany.
As a result in the course of a tax audit the financial authorities then have considerably greater possibilities to view and inspect tax data on the network.
For example, the use of collective items can lead to a higher risk of a tax audit. Companies should be pro-active and become familiar with the requirements of the financial authorities and develop an appropriate strategy for the implementation of the electronic balance sheet.

The electronic balance sheet, however, can be more than merely a further requirement from the legislator. It in fact offers companies the opportunity to increase their efficiency in the financial accounting system and to improve operating processes through integrated and customised tax accounting. The efficiency and transparency gained can be exploited to ensure your tax compliance and even reduce your tax rate.

Our services

In order to meet the requirements of the financial authorities, companies are faced with technical and content challenges which are not to be underestimated.

Rödl & Partner will manage the following details:
  • Analysis of alternative solutions and elaboration of the right strategy
  • Revision of the accounting plans and the accounting guidelines against the background of tax classification as defined by the electronic balance sheet
  • Perfectly matched compliance concepts and processes
  • Training of employees in financial accounting
  • Support for implementation in the existing IT system
  • Transmission of the electronic balance sheet


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