Solutions for complex transactions

Complex transactions present a particularly serious challenge to companies, who can often face them only with a great deal of effort and at great expense. In addition, they have a direct effect on key company ratios, such as the equity ratio and other performance indicators like EBITDA, ROR, ROCE. Observed individually, this can also have implications for other, e.g. contractual commitments (debt covenants), which should be anticipated early on.
With our assistance, you can save both internal resources and valuable time, as our experts support you in the analysis und structuring of complex transactions such as e.g. company acquisitions, leasing or financing transactions.

Advice on contemplated transactions and their balance sheet implications

Company transactions are continuing to gain in importance. For companies, they present opportunities to advance their growth in existing markets or tap into new ones. The closing of such a transaction is an important step in this process. The subsequent integration of acquired companies into the existing reporting brings with it various questions.
The responsible employees must intensively deal with the following, often one-off topics:
  • Financial reporting of company acquisition
  • Purchase price allocation and related accounting and valuation matters
  • Possible transition of the acquired company to IFRS
  • Adjustment of exercising voting rights and accounting methods to the guidelines of acquiring company
  • Integration of acquired company into the ongoing reporting system (monthly reporting)
Ideally, a comprehensive pre-analysis carried out prior to the transaction and also with focus on reporting is recommended, in order to respond to unpleasant surprises early on in the implementation process.
Our specialists help you anticipate possible effects early on and thus give you a boost of certainty throughout the transaction process. Using simulations and pro forma figures, we work to make your transaction with its impact transparent.

In doing so, we also advise you on alternative structuring possibilities, offering differentiated accounting methods that are tailored to your needs. This transparency thus increases the quality and reliability of your financial reporting and so indirectly strengthens your position as a contractual partner e.g. in dealings with investors and banks.

We do our very best so that you profit from the planned transaction. We support you as a buyer as well as a seller throughout the entire process – from the planning phase and contract signing to the final integration or deconsolidation.

Assessing complex matters and solving special issues

In view of increasing accounting requirements, more and more companies feel compelled to employ an in-house accounting specialist or even set up an in-house accounting department. This function can be assumed by our specialists for your company in all questions and complex matters of national and international accounting. Let us become your external department for which costs are incurred only when engaged. 

Take advantage of our experience gained by implementing a vast number of projects for various companies from all industries.


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