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Auditing for manufacturing: what we offer


Comprehensive, high-quality and future-oriented services for the industrial production sector must always be based on the claim of added value. We jointly and purposefully develop solutions for the issues of industrial manufacturers – be it a classical audit of financial statements in compliance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS or the comprehensive support of an M&A transaction as an example of other business audits:

  • Group and annual audits in accordance with German and international auditing standard
  • Statutory special audits:
    • Special audits in accordance with GmbH law, stock corporation law or transformation law (e.g. in the case of formation, transformation, merger or change of capital)
    • Audits in accordance with the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)
    • Audits of monetary transactions and holdings in insolvency proceedings (§ 69 InsO)
  • Voluntary audits:
    • Auditor's reviews (in accordance with IDW PS 900)
    • Audits of operational processes and internal control systems
    • Audit of risk management and monitoring systems
    • Audit of compliance management systems
    • Audit of reorganization concepts
    • Digital Governance Risk Compliance:
      • Data protection compliance audits (IDW PH 9.860.1)
      • Audit of the compliance of IT-supported business processes (IDW PH 9.330.2)
      • Ensuring the compliance of data processing when using IT for accounting (IDW PS 330)
      • Project-accompanying audit during the introduction of ERP systems and software development (IDW PS 850)
      • Audit of archiving systems
      • Audit of service providers in outsourcing and cloud computing (IDW PS 951)
      • Outsourcing / co-sourcing of internal auditing
    • Accompaniment of corporate actions:
      • Issuance of comfort letters
      • Support in the preparation of prospectuses
      • Audit of pro forma statements
    • Embezzlement audits 
    • Other audits / attestation services:
      • Attestation of financial covenants 
      • Creditworthiness and depositary audits
      • Audit of environmental reports and environmental information systems
      • Audit according to packaging law
      • etc.
  • Accounting and reporting:
    • Conversion to IFRS
    • Introduction of new standards, e.g. lease accounting according to IFRS 16
    • Organization and optimization of accounting
    • Solutions for complex business transactions
    • Support during DPR audits
    • Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements according to HGB, IFRS or US-GAAP
    • Tax Accounting
  • Audit-related consulting services:
    • Transfer pricing
    • Transaction consulting
      • Business valuation services - Valuation Services
      • Due Diligence (for company acquisitions and sales)
    • Planning and reporting in controlling
    • Financial Modeling - support for your financial and decision-making processes
  • Other services:
    • Implementation and support of internal auditing
    • IT auditing: With risk-oriented auditing to continuous improvement
    • IT auditing outside of the audit of financial statements (IDW PS 860)
    • Software certifications (IDW PS 880)


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