Family-owned companies


Rödl & Partner itself was established as a classic family company and is now in its second generation. Over the years, we have grown to become the largest, owner-managed professional services firm of German origin for audit, law, tax and management consulting – a “Made in Germany” company. With this history, Rödl & Partner has become a reliable partner for family companies all over the world. 

    Having assisted a vast number of owner-managed businesses over the past decades, we are aware of the requirements of family companies from our own experience. With our international structure of a corporate group with wholly-owned offices and our interdisciplinary approach, we have been able to offer many companies professional and practical assistance in their internationalisation. For this reason, we as auditors are an experienced and reliable building block of your company’s governance system.

    Our support in managing your family company

    As auditors and in within the scope of an audit of annual and consolidated financial statements, we make assertions as to the correctness of company accounts and support owners and supervisory bodies in their company management. This monitoring function can support owners in diverse ways and also help identify any undesirable situations (e.g. where an external manager oversteps their competences) and pinpoint (undesirable) situations resulting from conflicts of interest between managing shareholders. 
    This support function is provided by an annual audit, through:
  • Focus areas that are tailored to the family company,
  • An explanatory audit report and auditor's opinion, i.e. an assertion as to the correctness of the accounts,
  • Timely, results-oriented, verbal reports (closing meeting, meeting to approve balance sheet) and a Management Letter proposing improvements in key areas based on audit findings.

In this manner, our experience and services also add value to companies not subject to a statutory audit.
Managing a family company also means supporting its owners. We know from experience what matters.



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Martin Wambach

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Prof. Dr. Peter Bömelburg

Certified Public Auditor (Germany), Certified Tax Consultant (Germany)

Managing Partner

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Dr. Bernd Keller


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