Business process outsourcing (BPO): classic tax consulting from a single source

Classic tax consulting continues to become more important. A number of new topics have been added to this area in recent years – in the private as well as in the corporate area.

Is an application for predecessor accounting to be made? Do you have to make far-reaching decisions before you submit your tax return, e.g. regarding options and arrangements? We provide comprehensive assistance to help you make the best use of options available including preparations for subsequent tax planning or with follow-up work after completion of the tax design. We are able to manage the quick-changing tax regulations of today, yesterday and the day before yesterday. And naturally we keep track of any changes which are currently in discussion and may materialise in the future. ​In recent years a number of important topics have become relevant, such as the competent handling of electronic reporting procedures (e.g. electronic tax returns, the German electronic balance sheet and certificates of employment) and the statutory requirements of modern electronic financial reporting.

A one-stop shop for tax-related support

Our offices provide clients with comprehensive tax support at home and abroad. We offer a one-stop shop for traditional tax consulting for family-owned companies, self‑employed and private persons.
In an era where markets are steadily growing together our strategy is to offer cross-border tax consulting services through highly qualified and motivated experts. Our tax teams at Rödl & Partner work seamlessly together – across borders and with an interdisciplinary approach. 

 Ongoing tax consulting

Comprehensive tax consulting starts with ongoing tax assistance for private persons, entrepreneurs and their companies. In the course of managing your ongoing tax obligations we involve additional specialists as and when appropriate to provide the most efficient tax mitigation.
We offer consulting services for projects and also provide services for the management of your ongoing tax obligations.
Our consulting areas: 

 Business process outsourcing

The complexity of financial accounting and downstream processes such as controlling, reporting or treasury increase with the internationalisation of a company. In the long term, the management of routine tasks ties up resources at the cost of creativity.
As a result, the ability to open up growth markets or generate sustainable growth is then often only possible through the integration of an external partner. The outsourcing of processes such as financial accounting and payroll accounting with all of the associated processes to our experts who are available near to your company location allows you to concentrate on your core responsibilities.
We offer a one-stop shop to:
You can trust in our business process outsourcing specialists who in consultation with you will develop an individual concept and take over responsibility for the global control of your project. The effects here are not limited to the functions affected by the outsourcing. We also bring in our experience in providing a long-term added value partnership, for upstream and downstream processes and functions.
At a glance: Our strengths and services in ​ Business Process Outsourcing


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