Financial accounting for subsidiaries, branches and permanent establishments

​The internationalisation of companies requires additional commitment in the areas of personnel, time management and financial, organisational, logistical, legal and fiscal organisation. In addition, there is increased demand for expert knowledge which has an effect on controlling, reporting and cash management. The ability to find a satisfactory solution within the company, especially with regard to financial accounting, is becoming more difficult and also ties up important managerialt resources and creative potential.
These trends are noticeable in many financial accounting departments at international locations, regardless of whether they are a branch office, subsidiary or permanent establishment. It is hard to find experts in the areas of local and international financial accounting (e.g. IFRS or US GAAP) and local tax law in the respective country. Then there is also the requirement to roll out uniform efficient processes in the area of financial accounting across borders, to document these and make them transparent.

Rödl & Partner: your central contact for financial accounting worldwide

The experts at Rödl & Partner provide the required administrative infrastructure in the destination country for financial and payroll accounting with all the associated services. Our team has country specific expertise and extensive experience in dealing with cross-border issues and functions as your central contract. This reduces time-consuming and costly communication with the respective country locations so that you can comfortably manage and control your global participations from your headquarters.
We take a holistic and consistent approach to the organisation of your financial accounting processes. We observe the local legal requirements and also your internal compliance rules. Our experts are the interface for your central HR and controlling department and also for the area of group consolidation and internal audits. Under the all-embracing term of business process outsourcing we take on responsibility for your bookkeeping and financial accounting processes.

Our financial accounting services in Germany

The above not only applies to your international holdings and investments but alsoin Germany where we have a powerful team of outsourcing experts that specialise in providing professional services for globally operating as well as family-owned companies. More »
Typical business process outsourcing tasks may include:


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