Questions relating to the annual financial statement, accounting law and tax accounting law

Accounting and tax accounting law is becoming more complex. The commercial balance sheet and the tax balance sheet are increasingly divergent. It is therefore becoming more and more important to have your annual financial statement prepared by a specialist.  This in turn opens up valuable opportunities to plan the annual financial statement and fulfil your legal obligations with the use of capitalisation options, valuation options and discretionary powers and take into account the different addressees of the commercial balance sheet and tax balance sheet together with the respective disclosure requirements. Customers, suppliers, rating agencies, potential investors and also your bank tend to prefer a high annual result. Therefore usually a higher annual net profit is desirable in the commercial balance sheet. At the same time efforts are made to realise the lowest possible result on the tax balance sheet as this provides the assessment basis for the calculation of your income tax.
Our experts will provide you with specialised advice to enable you to efficiently exploit the legally available opportunities. We maintain a detailed overview of the tax consequences of the accounting for the present and successive years.


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