Assistance with income tax and social security audit

The announcement of a forthcoming income tax and/or social security audit leaves even a conscientious employer with mixed feelings.
Let us do what we do best. We are happy to assist you with your income tax and social security audit. Our experienced professionals function as the first contact person for the auditor so that we determine the focus of the audit at an early stage. In this way we prepare solution scenarios for possible risks without delay.
We will shield you as much as possible from the audit process so that you can concentrate on your core business area.
Our specialised advisors will manage all technical discussions with the auditor in close consultation with you. We will represent your interests with commitment and will explain the consequences of possible audit findings in detail.


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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Managing Partner

+48 22 6962 800

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Ulrich Schäfer


+49 911 9193 3066

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