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The financial accounting of tomorrow is paperless. Incoming paper documents are scanned, outgoing invoices are sent electronically. An efficient financial accounting system based on modern media is the basis for the success of your company. Only the timely recording of business transactions at all the locations of your company around the world will enable a quick reaction to any potential threats.
The digitalisation of your paperwork has to be made exclusively according to the regulations of commercial and tax law of the respective country to ensure that there are no subsequent unpleasant surprises. There are partly considerable differences in the requirements of other countries regarding digital financial accounting compared to the German regulations. Our specialist teams are available to help you. They are present at a local level and speak your language.
What does an audit-proof archive system look like? Which scanned paper documents still have to be maintained in paper form? What are the requirements regarding outgoing electronic invoices? Does the documentation and the saving and processing procedure comply with the legal requirements? What IT infrastructure is necessary and how do your documents come directly to us in the financial accounting software? Our experts will answer your questions and develop the data and documentation processes necessary for your company. As an alternative we can examine your existing processes, indicate the weak areas and exploit further potential for efficiency. Your success factor is our experience.
The advantages of a modern digitalised archiving system speak for themselves, and not only for companies with international locations. The advantages include:
  • Enormous cost savings through electronic invoice processing in comparison to paper invoices
  • Faster retrieval of documents in the digital archive
  • Parallel access to all your data
  • Less logistics effort required to exchange documents
  • Savings on paper archives
  • Quick, traceable document flow in the digital process
  • High security of the digital data due to data backups / no risk of losing documents due to fire or flooding
In more and more countries, so-called e-accounting is being made mandatory by the authorities: this means that outgoing invoices must necessarily be managed via a government system and incoming invoices are only accepted for pre-tax deduction if they arrive via the interfaces of this system. We support you in the implementation of these interfaces in the respective country and always keep our own systems, on which we keep your books, up to date.


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