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Employment law during insolvency


A growing number of companies use the opportunity to acquire and take over businesses under insolvency proceedings. In this respect – provided that certain requirements are met – a company acquiring an insolvent entity can take advantage of the provisions or special features of employment law relating to insolvency.


Our clients are advised by a cross-functional team, supported by colleagues from all relevant disciplines.

The focus of our professional services in employment law during insolvency lies on:
  • Structuring and negotiating the acquisition of a business out of insolvency based on an acquisition concept
  • Participating in negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and on the social compensation plan based on an acquisition concept
  • Assisting insolvency law experts in the submission of proposals during the bidding process, also taking into account the situation of the insolvent business in terms of employment law
  • Advising insolvent companies on employment law issues, in collaboration with our insolvency law experts



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