Energy efficiency and contracting

The effects of climate change can only be mitigated when the trend of increasing energy consumption is halted and reversed through energy conservation. In particular, the enactment of EU regulation (e.g. Energy Efficiency Directive) has laid the groundwork for creating an autonomous market with a specific legal framework.

to be of significant importance. With the use of information and communication technology (ICT) involving metering, load management and other services, they are being further developed in order to save final energy. At the same time, in light of the development in the European Union and its neighbouring countries, further regulatory measures and instruments of environmental law, some of them novel, are to be introduced shortly.

We provide advice in particular on the following environmental law, business, tax and accounting matters, as part of an interdisciplinary team:

  • drafting and negotiating of contracting agreements
  • energy Supply Contracting (ECP), Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), useful energy, street lighting contracting concepts and innovative energy efficiency services
  • smart grid, metering and load management models
  • calculation and audit of contracting proposals
  • carrying out of contracting tenders
  • structuring of contracting models (electricity tax, energy tax etc.) in terms of accounting law, energy tax and general tax law.
  • concepts of ownership, sales and insolvency insurance
  • right to supply heating and cooling energy
  • German Act on Energy Services and Other Energy Efficiency Measures (EDL-G)
  • legal requirements as to energy management systems
  • optimisation of profits by self-consumption, direct and balancing energy marketing
  • white certificates

Our client base includes public utilities, municipalities, planning entities, plant operators, energy-intensive industrial companies, contracting companies, energy service companies, energy organisations and councils.


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